Yoga and Meditation Course for Depression, Anxiety and Stress for 3 CEU Credits

Learn how to apply yoga and meditation reducing depression, anxiety and stress

Gain tools from the traditions of meditation, yoga and breathing for helping with depression, anxiety and stress. Social workers, psychologists, nurses and other professionals can receive 3 CEU credits from this online course.

As a licensed social worker and certified yoga teacher, I've found that there are specific meditations, yoga poses and breathing sequences that help to reduce problems of racing thoughts, low moods and daily stress. In this online course, nurses, social workers, psychologists and other mental health professionals can learn these tools to apply with clients as well as for self-care. Three CEU credits will be awarded which can be used towards the continuing ed licensing renewals.

Case studies are presented as well and ways to apply these age-old tools for problems such as low self-image, inner agitation and insomnia. Breaths including alternate nostril breathing, breath of fire and segmented breath are taught as well as various light sets and meditations to help with mood control and inner balance.

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